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Sunroom & Garden Room Division

"Bring the outside in!"

A sunroom ( or garden room ) will give you all the benefits of bringing the inside & outside space together without the negative boiling summer heat or the freezing winter cold like many Conservatories. Each sunroom is built with highly insulated floors, walls & roof, but with >walls of energy efficient glass & large velux windows so as to let the light flood in!. A Sunroom will give you true all year round use , last way longer than a Conservatory & add > selling appeal / value to your home .

You’ll be surprised at the minimal price difference between a sunroom, which you can use all year round and looks like an integrated part of your house, and a Conservatory which can only be used for half the year!

Plus, with new planning regulations you are unlikely to need planning permission for your sunroom! . You will need building regulations approval , the entire process from submission to completion will be handled by Young's Builders as part of our professional package .

Nigel has built a sunroom on his own house and uses it all year round with minimal heating / cooling , even when it’s +25 or 0 degrees C! ; customers are more than welcome to view Nigel's sunroom .

You receive a detailed no obligation project quotation ( along with 6+ recent references / work examples ) . If you give us the pleasure of turning your plans in to a quality reality you will have your own tailored project schedule outlining key stages & exactly how long your project will last and an agreed stage payment plan ( arrears stage payments when key stages of the project reached )


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